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Is there a way to create a status update template that’s public to all project members? I’d like to add custom fields to a status update for all users to have when posting updates, but it seems only I have access to those fields.

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By custom fields do you refer to adding them to projects? If so then only admin users in your org/workspace will be able to add/remove/edit but all users (including guest users) should be able to see them.

When you create custom fields you have the option of ticking the box to make the custom field visible to the whole org. If that is not ticked other team members won‘t be able to select that custom field from the org library to add it to other projects.

Now in terms of project update here is an overview on how that works: Project progress and reporting | Product guide • Asana

Does that help?

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Hi Andrea, I’m trying to add custom sections to the Status Update section. There are 4 default sections (summary, what we’ve accomplished, what’s blocked, and next steps). I’d like to add new sections on projects for all project members to see. Please let me know, thank you!

Hey @Lindsey_O_Brien

have a look here: How to track progress on a Project in Asana| Product guide • Asana

This explains in detail how status updates work and how you can add graphs, custom fields, etc there

Hi Andrea, thank you for the additional info. If I add customizations to the Status Update, that format stays static on that project so every time I go back to post a status update, it’s in the same format. I want to share that format with all project members. Does that make sense? I do not want each individual to have to create the status update template. Please let me know, thank you.

Hello Lindsey,

I‘d like to refer to the message Emily shared in another thread:

And here is a relevant feedback request thread to vote on: Templates for project status updates

Also if you are using Dashboards and setting up charts they are now copying over as well, see Dec release notes: Asana Release Notes | Product Guide • Asana

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