Status Update not showing overdue task

I am doing a Status Update for a project today 15 Nov. I have “overdue task” as a widget/highlight that is defaulted in my update, but is shows zero overdue task. However, there are two overdue task (17 and 28 Oct). You can also see these in the Dashboard view. Why are these two overdue task not showing in the Status Upstate?

Hi @Maggie_Owens1

Did you check the period covered by the graph?



Also any chance those “overdue tasks” are subtasks? Also did you realise the highlight has to be dragged and dropped?

When I change this to ‘4 week’, it shows the Oct 28th, but no change of filters show the 17 Oct overdue task.

It is not clear to me what this drop down means. Does it mean show task that are overdue by 4 weeks, or show task that are less than 4 weeks overdue.

I did some tests, and it allowed me to realize that 4 weeks is not equal to 1 month (it seems obvious once written but I had reasoned at the beginning by believing that it would display the late spots since October 15).

So in fact your task of October 17 is more than 4 weeks before the date of November 15.
Selecting 4 weeks means taking the overdue tasks up to 4 weeks, but not beyond.

I hope that will hep you.



Does this mean that it will only show task that are 4 weeks or less overdue?
If that is true, that doesn’t help me. I want to show ALL task that are overdue regardless of the time frame the are overdue.

According to the tests, that’s right.
As it is, teams should be encouraged not to have tasks that are more than 4 weeks late. Moreover, I often tell my clients that late dates are detrimental to collaboration because colleagues no longer have any information on the end date and project management becomes difficult.


Agree it is ideal not to have task over 4 weeks late. However, it happens. Asana now has not mechanism to highlight these late task.

@asana, can you look into a solution for this? This seems like a big miss for tracking projects.

Indeed Status Updates can’t. But you can still tracks those tasks with dashboards or reports, with no limits on dates.