start_at is missing in new_dates/old_dates fields of the stories


I have a task with a start date with a time, but the start_at does not appear in the stories. The hour appears in the html_text the start_at field is missing.

Here is an extract of the answer :

“html_text”:“Lydia Bell changed the date range to Nov 22, 10:30am - 23 11:30am”,
{ “due_on”:“2021-11-24”,

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Hi @Lydia_Bell and welcome to the forum,

Good catch! start_at is very new, was just added a few weeks ago. Looks like perhaps it was missed in this endpoint, or maybe they just haven’t gotten around to adding it here yet.

@AndrewWong can you comment?

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@Lydia_Bell, see also @Frederic_Malenfant’s comment here: