start_at field is always null


I’m fetching my board tasks, but it seems the start_at field is always null.

Could you please help me with this case?


start_at is null if you doesn’t set time.
If you only click on the calendar, you fill start_on but not start_at.
Start_at is not null if you click the clock at the bottom of the calendar, and assign a time.

But, I think you must have a due_on and due_at to be able to set a start_on start_at.

Also, watch out for start_at is “utc”, and start_on is absolute, relative to the local time of user.
Example, here in UTC -5 , at 20:00 on 2021-12-01 (my local time)
I will have a start_on 2021-12-01 but a start_at 2021-12-02T01:00:00Z.

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