Standardize the Project Dashboard View for All Projects using Project Templates

We have a specific way we need the project dashboard to display when a new campaign is opened so project managers are managing to the same data across projects.

Is there a way to set a dashboard default view so each time a new project is opened using the template, the same charts display across projects on the dashboard? See attached screenshot.


The new template V2 engine completely got rid of the ability to include a dashboard within a template, which was a great loss :frowning:

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Hi @Claudia_Ramos , welcome to the forum :wave:

Good question! Unfortunately, currently, it is not possible to define Dashboards in Templates 2.0.

The best workaround I use is to use a project as a ‘template’ instead of a using an actual template. You can setup the Dashboard in this project so that once you duplicate the project, make sure you have checked the ‘Dashboard’ option so that it copies over to the new project you set up.
I understand this is not super ideal but it works for most cases.

:bulb: Ideally you would want this ‘template’ project to have unassigned tasks so they don’t always appear in people’s My Tasks view (which was an issue with Templates 1.0)

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

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Do you know why it was removed? Also, is there a different way of just copying the dashboard?

Creating a separate job just for the dashboard is not an option because when it is copied, we cannot copy the dates so the user would have to add the dates manually and we have a lot of tasks. Thank you for your help.

Thank you, we did look into this, but when you duplicate a project, it erases all the dates so the user would need to manually update each date. This is not a good approach because we have a lot of tasks and it would introduce human error.

@Claudia_Ramos it is not that it was removed, but it was added → when they moved from templates V1 to V2, they did not add this feature…

For reference: Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose

Thank you for the clarification. Do you know if it may be added back in in the future? I would be a wonderful if as a team we can streamline information across projects. That way anyone can easily pick up another person’s work by quickly glancing at the dashboard. Thank you.

To me, that’s the biggest hole that was left when we migrated from V1 to V2, so I hope it would be fixed!

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Hi @Claudia_Ramos , when you duplicate a project you get several options to include. If you check the box for task due dates (screenshot below), these will copy over so no need add the dates again.

But of course these are not dynamic dates like in a project template, so they would likely get stuck in the past, sooner or later. So you would then need to go to the timeline view and:

  1. set dependency management options to ‘Maintain buffer’
  2. select all the tasks together (by zooming out)
  3. shift them all at once to your project start/end date

…which again, all this is not ideal but it is a workaround for the time being.
It’s usually a balance between deciding what is more important… dashboards or due dates? :person_shrugging:

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Thank you so much. Yes I saw that, but we just have too many tasks to update manually.
Thank you again for your help.

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