Stacked sorting methods: By project AND by due date

Currently, there is no way to stack sorting so that when filtering by Project, the tasks can be arranged chronologically by due date within those projects / sections. This option is only available when looking at other people’s task lists, and by manually dragging my own tasks into the proper order once filtered.

I reached out to support and this is the response I received: “When you view someone else’s My Tasks it will order them neatly and cleanly by due date when sorting by project because you do not have access to their My Tasks list. If you had been invited to edit the other users My Tasks you will see it is not organized if you sort by Project.”

Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me why I wouldn’t be able to automatically organize tasks in each sub-section, since it seems like an obvious feature to order tasks under each Project by when they are due. I would love to see the “neat and clean by due date” as an option for my own tasks, and not just for others on my team.

In other words: stacked sorting.



I believe your request is the same as Sort by two fields (secondary sort) but it was merged into something that is unrelated; please advise @Rebecca_McGrath

Hi Bastien! Yep, it looks like that was lumped into sorting by sections, which isn’t the same as sorting by filtered Projects.

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Any update on this? Pretty basic functionality still missing which makes My Tasks cluttered without it.


I’m also interested in this. It’s simple functionality. So frustrating to manually have to sort.

To clarify: I’d like to sort My Tasks by project, then by due date.


I’d also want to know if this got answered by the Asana Team.


I also need this functionality. It seems like such a basic requirement of a project management software. Any updates yet?

Asana now has multi-sort in projects, did you see @anon37633862 ?

Yes — but I need it in my tasks list, where I can sort by due date and then by project.

Thanks for flagging this post @Bastien_Siebman! Closing it out as New: multi-sort, multi-filter and reverse sort on List and Board views! is rolling out.

@anon37633862 can you please create a separate thread for multi-sort/filter for My Tasks? Thank you!