Sprintboards Website Down


We are using sprintboards for our clients however the website is down. Does anyone know how to handle?


This Community is about Asana and I think you’ll have a better luck reaching out to Sprintboards direclty :wink:


I realize this is about Asana, however, Sprintboard is an affiliate of Asana. And when their website is down and there is no customer service, you look for alternative ways to get answers. It’s called being resourceful – and I would suggest not winking.


Hi @Jenny_Bergman and thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, as we haven’t built Sprintboards, we’re not able to investigate or fix it our end, but let’s see if we can help you any other way. Have you already tried to leave a message at https://app.sprintboards.com/home/help? You could also try to reach out via their Twitter account (https://twitter.com/Sprintboards/with_replies) although it hasn’t been very active recently.


Sorry I did not mean for you to take it this way. I am also an affiliate with several projects built around Asana, and I can see sometimes people confused about the relationship they think we have with Asana. When my websites are down, Asana is not aware of it or monitoring it.

But if Sprintboard is not answering, it was indeed the right move to come here. Let’s hope Sprintboard is monitoring the community!


Hi Marie, thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it. I tweeted them and sent an email via their help portal several days ago and hadn’t heard anything back. We use Asana and Sprintboards daily for our clients so I was looking for alternative ways to find an answer before having to build out an entirely new system. Thanks again for your help.


If that helps, I am able to build custom dashboards with data coming from Asana or manually entered.


Sorry I can’t be of a greater help Jenny! I hope this gets resolved soon!


@Jenny_Bergman were you able to find out anything from Sprintboards? I have the same issue and depend upon this integration with a number of project as well. I also have a ticket in, but am not hopeful based on your post!


Hi Laura,

They are up and running! I got a response back from their help desk.