Sort / Collate Projects By Owner

If this worked at one time, it no longer does. I’m trying to see all the tasks I have in projects I don’t own… I’m simply getting a mess of all tasks assigned to me… that are certainly in projects owned by me.

This the advanced search simply ‘OR’ each filed searched? Sadly a lot of the reporting is gimmicky rather than reliably useful.

Actually, I take that back. It simply doesn’t work. Searching for tasks in projects now owned by me… brings me back a ton of tasks in projects owned by me. So confusing… and kills my confidence in lots of the reports. Kind of important I feel like I’m getting everything as I’m searching in order to have confidence basing my/our work off what I am seeing.

I want to bump this up now that universal reporting has rolled out. It’s disappointing that Asana only focuses on task-level reporting and not project-level. I’d love a simple breakdown of # of projects owned by each PM on my team.

I agree but that seems only logical they move in this direction next!

I would also like to see this feature!
I’d like to see a list of everyone’s projects & in project order, it makes more sense than tracking hundreds of tasks.

+1 for a need to be able to search/sort by project owners

Perhaps this would be something you would like too?

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+1 for option to search by project owners

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@Shruti_Chopra do you know the search now allow you to search for projects by project owners using the assignee field?

@Bastien_Siebman: I did not, thank you for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

I also would very much like to be able to see, as part of the admin console, a full list of projects in my organization and current owner. We’re experiencing a lot of issues with people not being able to access projects and templates that they created before a leave, or that was created by someone who left the organization without proper offboarding. As the sole Asana admin/Ambassador combo in my organization, I’m the person who’s looked to when folks need answers, but my admin console doesn’t provide me with much information or control.