Home View - add a workflow for "My Projects"

One of my problems with Asana is that I don’t have a clear list of projects for which I am the owner.
Every day, I have to gain an overview of the projects for which I am responsible and set next steps.

Currently I can only use the “Home” view for this and have my projects marked as “Favorite”.

I miss a focused process to update the projects.

In the “home” view there should be a clear list of “my” projects - even without having to “star” them separately - and when clicking on these projects either a “pop-up”, “slide-in”, or expandable box should appear, so that I can update the projects in one go.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for your feedback @S_D! We don’t have immediate plans to implement this feature but I’ll make sure to share any updates here when our product team have plans to redesign the Home page. I’m also merging another thread with your request to consolidate feedback!

As a manager of a team, I want to see the various projects that are owned by each team member to have a higher-level view of their situation/workload. I know asana allows this at a task level, but i would want a higher level summary view for projects by Owner. This will help greatly with project management.

If you have Business you could create a portfolio for each person (that requires manual work). You can also use my tool http://minimalist-work.com/asana/overview to see a list of projects with owner. No solution in Asana yet.

Thanks a lot @all. I really want Asana to come up with a process to check all your owned projects in bulk. This clicking into a project, then navigating inside the project, then looking for other owned projects won’t be the future…