Small but great feature with Copy and paste of links

I recently discovered a neat little feature when adding info into the description box of a task.
In the past If I wanted to copy a link into the description I would do the following:

  1. Copy link from somewhere
  2. Past link into the description box
  3. hover over the link in order to edit the link
  4. Rename the link

Now you can save some steps by doing the following:

  1. Copy the link you want to past into the description box
  2. Highlight the text in the description box you want to link
  3. Past the link. That’s all! This will create a link with the text you selected and the URL will be added.

Here is a screen recording of how it would look like:

Task: Pasting a URL into the description box - Asana — Watch Video


What is this black magic?!? :laughing:

So instead of clicking the link icon in the text editor after highlighting the text, only to then paste the link… you just paste the link over the highlighted text… hmm :thinking: - would have never guessed that works.

Nice trick, @Paul_Grobler!


This is great @Jerod_Hillard, thanks.

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That’s Great Tips @Paul_Grobler!

If you’re windows 10 user, you can also enable clipboard history.

What it does is basically store all the copied file or text. Usually we will paste using the ctrl+v, but instead, try using win+v, a popup box will appear and you can choose what to paste.

Here’s mine for example:

And yes, you can also store image file and paste in asana as attachment.

I find it efficient and time saving to copy bunch of text and paste each of them by using win+v without having to repeatedly ctrl+c and ctrl+v


Awesome @Paul_Grobler didn’t know that one will definitely be using that…

@Leonarce thanks for that tip as well didn’t know that will be very useful… Because I didn’t know how to enable it for everyone else search for clipboard settings to switch the history on…


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Thanks for sharing @Paul_Grobler,

I discovered this a while ago and I love it too!


You can follow this link to enable the feature:

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Now this is a priceless tip!! Thanks a lot @Paul_Grobler :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


Thanks, @Paul_Grobler, that’s very cool - I didn’t know about this feature, either!

Re. Windows clipboard history - note that feature also allows for sharing the clipboard between multiple Windows PC’s across a network. I use up to 3 different PC’s at times for my business and development work; I love being able to copy and paste from one PC to another!


Interesting! I’ve always used Ctrl+K to hyperlink text. Looks like this sort of saves a step?


@Leonarce! Windows+V is a revelation to me! Thank you!