Slack - turn link unfurl back on

When pasting a link to an asana task in slack I told it to never ask me again about unfurling the link (expanding link with additional details). Now, I want to turn link unfurling back on but cannot find any setting or preferences allowing me to do so. All I have is the below text from my slack @Asana channel:

It looks like you shared an Asana Task link in Slack. Do you want to see more information about tasks you share? You'll be able to view the task name, assignee, and due date, and take actions like complete the task and add it to a project.
Okay! We’ll ask you again next time you paste an Asana task link.

Meant to quote this text from @Asana channel in slack app:

Okay! We won’t ask you about showing more Asana task information again. If you’re interested in other Asana actions you can take in Slack, use the /asana help command.

Hi Ross,

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll add that option to the settings command. In the meantime, if you deauthorize (via /asana settings) and reauthorize (via pasting another link, or /asana create, etc) it should clear the unfurl settings.