Slack messaging availability to non-team members

Our team recently just switched to Asana, but the rest of the company uses another software for PM. We need to inform other team members (who are not included in our Asana team under the business account) through Slack. Do they need to create an Asana account in order to receive Slack messages? I assume they will need to create an Asana account so they can download Asana app in Slack and link their accounts, but if they just have the Asana’s free version, will they still have access to the Slack integration feature?

p.s. forgot to mention, these team members just need to get a Slack message, they don’t need to open Asana to complete the task or anything.

Hi @jenny_cadwallader :wave:t3:

If you hook up an Asana project to a Slack channel, I believe that non-Asana users will be able to see Asana updates in Slack, however these updates are super limited (see an example attached below) - these users definitely won’t be able to get personal notifications about comments on tasks etc, unless they have an Asana account.

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I hope this helps!