Slack Integration Idea (For Project Scheduling): Nest Project Tasks Within the Thread Panel

IDEA: Somehow allow a projects tasks (in my case, Im building out a schedule calendar) within the thread panel within Slack.

USE CASE: I run construction projects. I keep the projects schedule organized within Asana. Its only me and the PMs that use Asana. Need to share the live calendar with people in the field/office. Heavy resistance to use of Asana from older colleagues.

VISION: A user in Slack can call up a project schedule public link via a command (!schedule), the Asana project populates, and opens a thread on the right. The thread shows an agenda style calendar that can be navigated vertically.

Im here voicing this idea in Asana. But I realize that a project could be synced to a Google Calendar and try to tie it in via a more calendar focused integration. But… starting here.

TBH - my real vision for this doesnt involve the user calling up the schedule. The schedule would be a side panel view that could be toggled within Slack, but I dont think Asana devs could design that.

WHY: Projects tend to be schedule based. The schedule drives majority of conversations. Nothing worse than needing to open multiple apps to get everyone on the same page. In the world of construction, Slack is a better hub than Asana. So no, the answer isnt just to bring the users to Asana :crazy_face:.