Single form route to unique boards

I would like to create a single request form where based on selecting a topic, the request would get routed to different boards. Is this possible without integrating with a 3rd party solution? And if so, what’s the best solution? Many thanks!

Hi @david.paradis and welcome to the forum!

Do you have an Asana Business subscription? If so, that gives you access to create custom rules. With a custom rule, while you can’t do exactly what you want, you could use the “Add to Project” rule action - that is, you could have a rule which triggers on the value of a custom field that would be the topic selected, and based on the field’s value, add the task to some other project.

The task would also still reside in the form’s project, which is why it doesn’t exactly match your request. One thing you might do is use the form’s project not as an actual project but just as a switching station, if you will, to other projects; in other words, all form submissions would live in that project but then through a set of rules, every submission would also be added to another project which would be its “real” project.

(I know you mentioned not to use a 3rd party solution, but just FYI if you don’t have a Business-level subscription, or if you want to really move the task to another project and not have it also reside in the form’s project, then Flowsana’s rules capability - I’m its author - would meet those needs.)


Phil, thanks so much for the quick reply. We currently have a Premium account, not the Business plan. Sounds like I’ll sign up for Flowsana then to get this implemented. Many thanks for the direction!

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In that case, note you can use the Flowsana “Move to Project” rule action which is closer to what you want than “Add to Project”.

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You can have a look at F14 on 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds =)

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Phil, FYI, I was able to achieve what I wanted using the solution suggested. Many thanks! David