Show subtask in search mode in Instagantt

I would like to see my subtasks in the search mode. Is this possible and if yes, how?

If a subtask matches a search, it should come up. Can give more details please?


I would like to see the main project with all subtasks in it.

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This is Instagantt isn’t it? This forum is for Asana, even though we could help with Instagantt, make sure to add it to the thread title.

is there a solution for this Instagantt problem? Or is there an Instagantt community?

I am not sure, maybe @danielguajardok the founder can help

HI @Natascha_Jansen and welcome to the Forum!

Since your question is directly related to Instagantt, I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to Integration category. You can also reaching out to the Instagantt support team via the link at the bottom of this page: Instagantt + Asana: Create custom charts • Asana They will probably be in a better position to help!

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