Show both completed and incomplete tasks

I want to see both completed and incomplete tasks in the main project window.
I’ve read/watched all the videos and they continually point to a filter sort that has “show complete and incomplete tasks”
My filter only shows one or the other, not both.
I’m on premium.
I’ve tried setting up a rule, but I can’t quite get it right.

Hey @JERI,

I assume there maybe a filter enabled currently. Just remove it by clicking on the “X”


Then once you have done this you can save the layout as default via the “three dots” - “Save layout as default” which you can find on the top right of the project just below the “customize” button

Does that solve the issue you are facing?


I actually finally found it! It’s under sort button then choose the complete and incomplete tasks, apply, then on the drop down arrow on the project name, save the layout as the default view.

Thank you!

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