Shortcuts to scroll horizontally in Board view

Is there a way I can setup a keyboard shortcut to scroll horizontally on a board view? Or somewhere on the board (besides the scroll bar) to move the view left or right?

When viewing a board on my laptop and using my trackpad I can easily scroll horizontally left and right using two fingers.

When I use a keyboard and mouse though, I have to resort to moving left and right on a board by going to the scroll bar at the bottom of my screen and scrolling. That seems simple but it is such a small target to grab on to on a Mac within the Chrome browser.

I hope someone has a solution to pass along for this. Thanks.


Hi @Scott_Hofmann, great question!

It is not currently possible to scroll horizontally in Board view using a shortcut. This is a great suggestion, though! I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback category to give you and other Community members the opportunity to vote for this feature :slight_smile:

I will keep you posted on any updates!

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I agree this would be a useful feature. Perhaps like Trello, it would be good if we could click on the background outside of a column in Board view, and move the mouse to navigate either left or right.

I can’t even find the scroll bar on the Mac desktop app. I have to reach up and use my trackpad rather than use the mouse and keyboard I have plugged into the computer. I can’t see any options to always show scrollbar or anything either. When I scroll using the trackpad, a little scrollbar appears, but then disappears immediately after stopping the scroll.

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as half screen user of Asana it would be great if you could just navigate horizontally through your board sections with your mouse wheel clicked instead of moving the bar at the bottom.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Hi @BennyA , welcome to the forum :wave:
That’s a great idea which would be useful. I have merged your post into this existing thread here which already has some votes so they are now consolidated :wink:

Mac supports horizontal scrolling by Shift + mouse scrolls. I hope it helps.
Unfortunately, I don’t know about Windows/Linux/others.


Hi @ShunS , I just checked and confirm that Shift + mouse scroll also works on Windows.

Additionally, by also clicking the middle mouse button once and then moving the mouse left and right also scrolls horizontally on boards.


It would be very helpful if the project ‘Board’ view allowed you to press the keyboard spacebar + click the screen to grab and drag horizontally to view all board sections. When using a mouse, you have to click and hold the scrollbar at the bottom, which is not as convenient as a hand-grab cursor would be.

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Hi @Erjon_Metohu , I have merged your thread into this existing one here, where you can see my tip above for Windows, as well as @ShunS 's tip for Mac.

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Thank you for merging my topic and for mentioning the MacOS tip. I tried Shift + mouse scroll on my Mac, which works great.


This is one of the most frustrating features IMO - We are given a board set up as a tool but it’s impossible to scroll left to right on my mac. I run my laptop onto screens and it’s high inconvenience to open it up and use the track pad.

Hold shift and scrolling doesn’t work for me on windows, please fix this issue as it makes working with the timeline very annoying.