Share link with an external contact who doesn't have an Asana account


I track/plan everything in Asana; Projects, time sheets, meeting notes, social media posts… the list goes on.

I would really like to be able to show some tasks (especially containing meeting notes I have taken) with my clients.

However if I copy a link to a task (so it can be views in the browser) the client needs an Asana account to view it… from what I can tell.

Unfortunately some of my clients aren’t quite as “modern” as others and they are not on board with getting an account.

I don’t need them to interact with it, I just want them to be able to see a live view of the task.

Is there a way to do this, or is this something that is planed for the future?

Many thanks

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Hello @Chris_Nicholl
When you are in the Project you want to share, look at the top right for the option “Create link”
Here you can create a sharable link.



Hi @Paul_Grobler

Why has this been marked as resolved when you haven’t given a solution to my question?

I am looking for a read only link for a task that doesn’t require an account/login.

You have given a solution which shares a project and still requires an account to view it.

Hello @Chris_Nicholl you are correct. I found the following that says its currently under investigation:

@Forum-team could this be merged?

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Hi @Chris_Nicholl, thanks for reaching out. The feature Paul shared in the comment allows you to share a project with people that don’t use Asana or have an account, it’s called Read only links. For this reason, we marked his comment as the solution.

Read only links is currently only available to 50% of customers. We are planning. to roll out this feature to all customers soon!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to share only a task, but you will be able to share a Read only view of a project with people that don’t use Asana. You can learn more about this feature in this article: Read-only Links • Asana

Hope this helps!

@Chris_Nicholl, and (when you have access to the feature) you can multi-home that single task to a project and share a read-only link to that project, thereby only sharing the single task you asked about.


Hi @lpb
Thanks for the work-around.
Hopefully this is just a short term solution and read-only links for tasks will be something that is implemented soon as that would be a much cleaner solution.
Many thanks.

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