Share a team with another organisation using asana


It would be great if our organisation that is working with another organisation that is also using asana could share an inter-company team.


Hi there; this is a great idea!

While I cannot promise that this will make our product roadmap, I’ll definitely suggest it as a use case for our developers.

In the mean time, a workaround that could enable folks from two Organizations to collaborate (in an inter-company team), would be through the creation of a new Workspace. For instructions on how to do so, simply click the following link to our guide.

Once created, you can invite anyone you wish to work with to this Workspace, where they can enjoy rights as a full member! Furthermore, Workspaces are free for teams of 15 or less.

Hope this helps enhances your ability to work efficiently with industry partners than before!


thanks. This is a good workaround, Except we lose all the premium features we rely on. so not an option for us.