Sending Email invites from a task

Many of my tasks are exactly that - tasks that need to be completed by a certain date. This works well in that everyone gets a daily reminder of the tasks that they need to do in the coming days. Within reason, there is no need as a project manager for me to schedule these tasks in people’s diaries.

However, there are some tasks that need to be scheduled. For example, team meetings (we are using Microsoft Teams) or date/time specific tasks (eg scheduling a consultant to meet with a customer on a certain time / date).

The link to outlook calendar option is all well and good, but it’s not what I require (I don’t think). Ideally, what I need is to be able to send an invite from some tasks as an outlook invite - ideally with the option to create the meeting as a Microsoft Teams meeting.

At the moment, I’m creating the task and then separately creating a meeting as an outlook invite. This is ok, except that there is no link between the task and the meeting request and updating the meeting if some rescheduling is required is painful.

Is there a better solution or work process for this ?

Hi @Simon_Verona, thanks for reaching out! We have some great news coming about Microsoft Teams Meetings and Asana. You can have an overview of the upcoming updates in this article. I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as we start rolling out this feature.