See tasks filtered by report stats grapahic


A button where I go to a view with all tasks used for the stats of that specific graphic.

Hi @Miguel9 if you click on the bars it takes you to the tasks that make up that bar.

Click on the bars works when stats about total tasks but not when time tracking.

HI @Miguel9 not sure what you mean, from the graph you presented I believe (maybe i’m wrong as I only speak english) x axis is time period days and y axis is actual time? I have recreated it and it takes me to the tasks making up the data?

Sorry for my poor explanation.

I men’t I can’t click on the bars in some graphics I created.

From what I checked the bug is happening on graphics that I apply on the X-axis the “based on time tracked date” setting.

You can find bellow the graphic settings in English.

HI @Miguel9 thanks for explaining. I just recreated my side and you are correct , and so its either a system design or a bug as other graphs have the ability to click on the bars and go down into the resulots. Perhaps as it is totalling actual time by day it’s not taking task data. Interesting though. @Marie would you know if this is by design ?