Sections in Forms that appear with progress

I am building a form and using the branching options (which by the way is brilliant).

The branching is in question 3.
Once the branching finishes, I need question 4 to appear.

Currently: when you open the form, Question 4 appears directly.
Request: Have the ability to make the form and further questions appear as the form progresses, rather than in one go.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 15.29.26

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@Rashad_Issa, Can you quantify this more? What would signify that branching has finished? Or what do you mean by “as the form progresses?” It’s not clear what would trigger the appearance of your Priority question.

FYI, you can include the Priority question in each branch, which would mean it wouldn’t show until the branch opens; maybe that’s what you mean? If so, you can do this now. The only issue is you must repeat the question in each branch, and maintain two copies. I think you may want to rephrase your request to ask for a way to reference/reuse a question.



Hello @lpb

What you shared is a workaround I am aware of but does not solve the issue.

I have a long list of branches and that means the final two or three generic questions will have to built at every branch which is not productive.


Perhaps some further clarity:

If you think of the branching questions as section 1
And the priority question as section 2.

When you look at the form, section 2 is visible even though section 1 is not filled yet.

Section 2 is applicable to the entire form regardless of what branching was chosen from section 1.

It is a simple feature that is available in Microsoft form, in survey money, in jotform etc…

Thanks, @Rashad_Issa, I think I understand more.

I wouldn’t say that’s a simple feature. It seems like you’re asking for the form to behave like a wizard, step (section) by step. I think that might necessitate a choice of form modes, either the current approach, or a wizard approach. I’m not sure how the other form tools handle this, though; it’s been a long time!



:grinning: section by section yes, not a wizard though.

Think of it as turning the page, not simple perhaps, but easy to do :wink:

Enjoy your weekend!

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