Search function in Portfolio (Project Name)

A search or filter function based on Project Name within Portfolios would be great.
Currently we can only filter by everything except Project Name.
But especially in Portfolios with many Projects, it can be difficult to find a specific Project.

The regular search function does offer the possibility to filter by Portfolio, but does not provide the same kind of overview as a Portfolio (e.g., time remaining).

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Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

@Christine_L, I agree, and voted, but until that’s available, perhaps:

  1. Sorting alphabetically by project name could help in a pinch?

  2. Use the browser in-page search (Cmd/Ctrl+F) to find text strings.



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Hi Larry, thanks for the reply and vote.
That’s a really good workaround to use whenever we know the first letter of the Project Name.
In other cases we would filter by anything we know about the Project (e. g. Project Owner).
This does not give us the exact Project but reduces the list we have to check for the correct Project.
However, in many cases we know neither the first letter of the Project Name, nor other details.
In these cases we first have to search via regular search function…check the Project Name…go back to our Portfolio…sort…scroll… :sweat_smile:

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I often use the browse’s in-page search (Cmd/Ctrl+F) to find text strings, in case that’s an option for you. I updated my previous post to include that.