Search by section stopped working

using /search?sections.any=1159087200331050&completed=false&custom_fields.1188895648079194.is_set=false

returns (ton of results including:)
“gid”: “1200013346222230”,
“name”: “Finance | Process termination for XXXXXXXX | 3/3/2021 | MD | Rockville | Corporate Blvd | Mgr: xxxxxxxxxx”,
“resource_type”: “task”

and the get task detail for that task:
“memberships”: [
“project”: {
“gid”: “1157045410193761”,
“resource_type”: “project”
“section”: {
“gid”: “1159087751268129”,
“resource_type”: “section”
which does not include the section. This is a major issue for us since this is a (now suspended) production process - several across our org have broken. Please help - I have opened a ticket and they sent me here to duplicate the report.

Hi @Ross_Grambo , any thoughts on this? Is it perhaps related to the other search issue reported today:


Notified API on-call. Will keep giving updates on the other thread

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