API returns tasks that not in project from params

There is my problem. I search tasks from several projects those are not in the section. And sometimes API returns me tasks not from projects that i pass to params.

GET /workspaces/<workspace_id>/tasks/search?opt_fields=gid,created_at,projects&sort_by=created_at&completed=false&assignee.any=<user>&projects.any=<project_gid_1,project_gid_2,project_gid_3>&sections.not=<section_id>

<section_id> - the section from project_2

When I execute this request I sometimes recieve tasks from project_7 that belongs to only project_7. And it’s wrong. But it is not permanent behaviour. I execute this request hourly. And most of the time I recieve correct response (tasks only from projects 1,2,3). But sometimes in 12 hours or even in 2-3 days or one week I receives wrong tasks in the response data.

Once again. I have tasks belonged to the only project_7. This tasks asigned to . I execute the example request. And I recieve correct response or empty data. And it’s ok. But in random time the response contains task from project_7. And it’s wrong. I am 100% sure. And it is awful because it is pretty difficult to reproduce this bug.