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I agree this would be incredibly helpful. I have to cut and paste the name of our install facility into every task of a templated project and some of them have 80 tasks. It’s very time consuming.

Adding find and replace would easily save me several hours per week. I’m a content production manager, and our templated projects have many tasks which include the project name. Currently I have to manually copy/paste every one.

I just tried the Find & Replace plugin you mentioned and it worked to rename a bunch of tasks in a project. Thanks! I’m using Chrome on a Mac.

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This feature would be AMAZING. Please Asana, make it happen! It looks like it’s been requested for over four years now, so maybe you’re about to publish it? Fingers crossed!

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when you refresh the page the text you replaced will revert back, right? I used the same extension and it did this. So it was changing the text you saw on the web page, but not the actual embedded text in the project.

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I found the same to be true and it is highly frustrating.

Bumping this topic as we are templating out workflows that are from initial customer contact all the way through our own factory’s production so this can save us hundreds of hours per year. I’m happy to talk to the decision makers who tell us that they’re always looking to improve client experience. This is a biggie for the Asana super users who are trying to really maximize the platform. This thread is evidence.

This is VERY Necessary, Where is Asana Dev with this option?

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Yep, and also find and replace within the task templates would be a nice addition too :slight_smile:


+1 for me as well.

My working case scenario is having to replace text for a specific task or description for many projects. Would be great if I could do a find/replace for all of Asana account.

I need search and replace in Asana too!

I’d love to be able to do this, too. My use case: I needed to use the same names (state names) for the “name” field for two different tables. (I know, not awesome) However, there is a parenthetical after the name in the copy/paste from one table to another. I’d really like to find/replace the parenthetical instead of re-typing.

I can make a formula field for this, but since you can’t use a formula field for the primary field, it won’t be as great.

Had the same issue and tried to find another alternative. FoxReplace works like a charm in Firefox.

Has this been added to Asana?

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I created a tool to find and replace a pattern in a given project, could be quite easily extended to the entire account.

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Thanks for this suggestion. FoxReplace was able to do what Asana couldn’t!

This tool has been splendid! Thanks for creating it!

Thanks Nicole, appreciate the feedback. You use it often?

I use it in spirts when I’m making big changes, but my Project Manager uses is weekly, if not daily, when kicking off new projects. :wink:

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