"Save Layout as Default" refuses to work when collapsing sections in a Portfolio

I organize my projects into one portfolio and sort each according to what stage they’re in. My gripe is I want to keep certain sections collapsed as a default, which I was told the “Save Layout as Default” option in the top right ellipsis would solve. However, each time I refresh my portfolio every section I collapsed is now back to cluttering the entire portfolio. This is beyond frustrating, I just want to keep my space clean. Is there any other way around this?

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Hi @Kylie_Phillips, welcome to the forum :wave:

It is not possoble to create sections in Portfolios as you can do with projects.

So I’m assuming what you are seeing are sections named after a certain custom field (Stage?) which you have sorted your Portfolio by, right? eg. if you sort by ‘Priority’ you should see what appear as sections as High, Medium, Low for example. These are sometimes referred to as ‘sorted sections’, not ‘real sections’.

You can collapse these momentarily but the Save layout as default will only save your sorting preference and not your collapsed sections.

The same principle applies to projects when they are sorted by custom fields and ‘sorted sections’ appear. The Save layout as default action in projects will only save the collapse/expand state of ‘real sections’.

If I haven’t assumed correctly, then if you could provide a screenshot (wipeout any sensitive data) then that would definitely help :slight_smile:

Note that Portfolios have a filter option now so you could try filtering the stage you want to see and so ‘Save layout as default’ should save that filter state.


Hi @Kylie_Phillips

I also have the same experience as @Richard_Sather explained.
Portfolios do not have sections, but you can have the layout depending on the filters you choose. Once you choose a filter, save layout as default and that view will remain as is.

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