"Save default view just for just me" Option for Projects

I think it would be very helpful to add a “Save view for just me” option in the “Change view” pop-up menu when it comes to working in projects.

Sometimes, the sorting/grouping options that Person X would find useful for a given project are different from what Person Y prefers. And having to manually change the view settings for a project each time you open it is cumbersome and inefficient.

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Hi Everyone,

What do you think about the ability to keep in memory (save) the filtering view made by a project member into the Asana project ?

We use a main project to following and trace some of our activities into a service with many custom fields. We would like to save our personal view by keeping in memory the filter option done on the list view so we haven’t to make it each time we come back to the project.

Are you also waiting for this feature?
Thanks anyone for your reply

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I believe you are talking about this one "Save default view just for just me" Option for Projects isn’t it?


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Hi @Bastien_Siebman yes it is…
Hope to see this new feature on next update

Finger crossed

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Please Please Please Asana! Custom Views. This would be such a huge unlock to allow different contributors to a centralized board in ways that work specifically for their roles.


Yes, please. This would be an extra-meaningful time saver.


This feature would benefit every team! A Director’s view into work vs. that of the Software Engineer is a vast different level. Buy-in to the application for the entire company is severely impacted when users have to reset their view multiple times a day in order to accommodate the other users. This is a huge time waster and impact on morale.


This would be a huge time saver!


Hello there,

Asana Team ?
Any news on this feature need since June 2019 ? I still see nothing on March Update and i am woring about the importance your dev team make on this feature ? A little bit of visibility from yourside would be appreciated please.

Personnal view on list tab to save Filters, Sorting Colums is essential to keep the collaborative side of your product. In my case, we are a 60 people team working on a single project environment and we have to rebuild our filters and list view each time we leave and come back to the project… this is a huge waste of time :frowning:

I really hope you will understand the importance of this need !
I am sure that more than 20 people are intersted by this feature… we need more visibility on this asking please.

Waiting to read you soon
Best regards

This would be a great feature! My brain short circuits when I see timeline view but I don’t want to change the default view on a project for everyone especially if it is working for them.

Chiming in here to see if any update on the above request has been made? This feature would be huge for us (and sounds like many others lol).

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Is setting the default view for a project changing the view for every member in the project or just for the one that set this?


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Bummer. Would be so nice if each member could decide that for themselves.

that would cause confusion as people would see different data. The conversation would be difficult at that point.

Me speaking of boards, you on list. Some looking at complete, some incomplete.

It would be very hard to have conversations around work


I hadn’t considered that view point. This could still happen with the current settings though as when I open a project I will select the view that works best for myself.

It’s possible that this confusion hasn’t yet hit my team as they are still coming around to the use of Asana and may not be utilizing it as much as I am.

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For me, its useful functionality because now in my project hundreds of tasks, and each time I should click on the filter

I found a temporary solution: it’s Tampermonkey script

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