[Sales Team] Do you suggest we put each "work order" as a Task or a separate Project?

Hi all!
Quick question: The Sales team in our organization regularly send emails with different “Work Orders” (that you may consider like Projects). These Work Orders usually consist of some tasks and information for the rest of the company (Logistics, Finance, Operations…).
We have been using Emails so far but were now considering using Asana for all Work orders.
Do you suggest we put each order as a Task or a separate Project?
Work orders may vary in size by a lot: they may be very small (and may take 1 day of work) or very long (and may take weeks).
The obvious reply may be “PROJECTS” but we would like to avoid having dozens of projects involving almost everyone at the company. We would like to keep things simple, ideally with the smallest number of projects, for people to Not get confused


Hi @OmarZid, thanks for reaching out!

Every team uses Asana for project management a little differently, in this article you can find some tips to give you the best starting point to get the basics down: To project, task, or subtask?

We also offer some tips for Sales teams here: How teams managing customer accounts can plan projects in Asana | Product guide • Asana

I’ve slightly updated the title to make it more specific to your question. I hope you don’t mind!

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