RTL tips & tricks


I know Asana doesn’t support RTL at the moment.
Hoping one day this feature will be implemented :crossed_fingers:

In the meanwhile, are there any tips & tricks how to make RTL language a bit better?

I saw someone suggested a chrome plugin or something but with no more details. Anyone aware of this? Is there a way to add css even to a single task or comment?
Just so that if I have a more complex task, even if I need to work harder, it would be a bit more readable.

Thanks :pray:

The only way would be indeed to use CSS through a Chrome Extension (like Style bot). It would affect everything the user sees, it would be hard/impossible to only target specific tasks.

Should I give it a try? :thinking:

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Not specific tasks but maybe specific areas …
so the task title, description and comments.
Only the contents of each and not the whole layout.
If it’s easy to turn on and off, then just whenever we are dealing with a RTL task/project we can switch on the extension, and then when we move to an LTR task/project we can turn it off with just a click.