Support for Hebrew Language

Throughout the program we are lacking total support for Hebrew:

  1. Writing RTL the text is aligned to the left
  2. Writing in Hebrew and English together, the words do not appear in the correct order, probably due to lack of RTL support
  3. Export of reports to CSV/Google sheets, the Hebrew is garbled (not in Hebrew characters
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    Arkia Israeli Airlines

The feature request should be merged into #4755 (“RTL language support”), if possible.

No need to specify something only Hebrew-specific (or Arabic-specific) if RTL is properly handled in the generic sense.

Hi there, I also wish Asana would fix RTL support soon, in the meanwhile, I found that the best practice to escalate our request to the company is through finding the thread with most votes and just adds more votes to it.

The link to that thread

Let our voice be heard.

Thanks but the link only displays foll. I agree that it is terribly frustrating the lack of RTL support



That’s weird, try other the link on the title “RTL language support” and not on the “product Feedback” link and tell me if it works


I tried that too….same reaction


I have been using asana for over 7 years and this is still an issue…