RTL language support

Please add RTL language support.
I really want to use Asana, but I can’t when my primary language isn’t supported.
This won’t allow my workplace to implement it either.

It really is becoming unbearable for my team and I. RTL must be added ASAP


does Asana still don’t support RTL? on 2022???

is that a feature that can be developed - it makes it really hard for Hebrew writers

Hello @Tal_Givati
I recommend upvoting on this existing feedback thread: RTL language support

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You have had people asking for this from 2017 and haven’t done it yet.

It’s a simple code implementation.

Many of use are using other platforms now as the service here is not good enough

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! I’m afraid I don’t have any substantial update to share with you today, but rest ensured that we’re closely following up on this behind the scenes and representing your voice. We will post updates in this thread once we have more information about RTL support!

which alternative platforms do you recommend?

I’ve been using Clickup and very happy with that. I once gave feedback to implement a function, was contacted directly via email and the implementation was completed a few weeks later. I was shocked by this level of service. Amazing!

It is so easy to fix… please make time for it!

  1. dir=“ltr” to dir=“rtl”
  2. every margin-left to margin-inline-start
  3. every margin-right to margin-inline-end

Please! It’s not that hard :slight_smile:
A Front-End Dev who wishes for a right-to-left website.

+1 please

I’m trying to post comment in rtl language but apparently its impossible. I press ctrl+shift to move to right but it doesn’t work. How can I do it?

If you use Chrome, I found a plug-in:

Might want to suggest it in the product feedback area, they seem to have been working on localization lately so this might be a feature they’re planning.


I have already tested the chrome extension but it has some problems such as it doesnt support rtl in conversation and sometiems it fails to work.

Just to understand - does this plug in allow display of a mix of RTL AND LTR languages so that the words appear in the correct order?

Hi @Terry_Kastel, I don’t actually know anything about the plug in. I’d just found it in searches. Sorry.

Thanks Ryan, the link routes to an error page anyway so I can’t check it out

The feature request should be merged into #4755 (“RTL language support”), if possible.

No need to limit the RTL / BiDi support only to “comments,” as it should be implemented across-the-board, wherever the user is allowed to enter text.

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I also wish Asana would fix RTL support soon, in the meanwhile, I found that the best practice to escalate our request to the company is through finding the thread with most votes and just adds more votes to it.

The link to that thread

Let our voice be heard.

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