Rolling out free rate limits

Hi everyone, we’d like to make an announcement about upcoming changes to our rate limits. Two years ago, when we started working on our new “fast API,” we focused on performance and maintainability over perfect feature parity and other aspects. One of the pieces that got cut was accurate enforcement of our free rate limits. Ever since we rolled out the new API, free users have been getting the premium API rate limit of 1,500 requests per minute, rather than the free limit of 150 requests per minute.

With the recent improvements and changes to our rate limiting, such as the concurrent request limiter, cost limiter, and custom rate limits for our search endpoint, we have the opportunity to correct this long-standing lenience. Starting on Wednesday, August 8th, we will begin gradually dropping the rate limits for free users from 1,500 requests per minute back down to 150 requests per minute over the span of a month.

Let us know if you have any questions about this. We’ll be watching this thread to provide answers where we can.