Rate Limit Enforced

Hey! I’m working on a project for my company where we try to read lots of information of our tasks. We’re having a problem of 429 Rate Limit Enforced. While I understand that there’s an actual rate limit of 1500 requisitions/minute (we’re premium), it looks like it’s not being reseted anymore (it was some days ago).
Is there a blacklist or something by any chance? The same script worked with another token.

Hey @Marcelo_Kopmann_Mark, sorry to hear that your app got rate limited. The Asana API actually has 3 separate rate limiters (total request, concurrent request, and cost-based) that you can read more about in our dev docs.

We do occasionally have to ban apps if they are causing stability issues for the API. Our policy is to reach out to apps that get banned. If you DM or email me at devrel@asana.com with your app id, I can check to see if it was banned.

Where possible, we recommend that scripts cache data and also use events in order to minimize the number of reqeusts needed and avoid being rate limited (or potentially banned).