Roles Need to be more dynamic and capable of editing to be useful

I love the idea of roles, but there are some significant drawbacks when trying to use templates. For starters, if I use an intake board to automatically generate the board from a template (i.e. a task is submitted with all fields needed for the new board to be created for the user and once the form generates a task it automatically converts to a project using the template) then there is no option to set roles. Also, there is no way to set a default role from team roles. This means if someone leaves the team, any boards or dashes they control exclusively becomes inaccessible.

Three things are needed to make roles useful:

  1. Allow a section in “customize” on all boards for “roles” and any roles from the template could be there waiting for you to assign someone. As well as any roles created by a template should be open for assignment on the “overview” page.

  2. Create Team specific roles (and allow a person to hold more than one role!) and allow all people fields and roles on templates the option of choosing a role from teams you are in for assignment here. This would prevent having to hunt through multiple templates and pre-existing boards to change out a person when needed. (when someone leaves, the role should look blank, ready to put a new person in)

  3. A person on a board needs to be able to hold more than one role. This way, they can do so temporarily or while building an eco system you can assign all roles to the builder/tester and reassign later when ready to deploy