Rich Text within Project Description

Is Rich Text supported within Project Descriptions creation? I have tried but it always just renders as plain text

Hi @James_Light,

Yes, check out the Project Briefs API here.

Hello Phil! Thanks for replying! Maybe I have miss understood the naming convention but I am referring to the Project description that apperas at the top of a project. Screenshot attached.

You are able to edit this with some options inside the website side editor bolding items etc but not sure if we can control this via API when creating a new project.

Oh, sorry - that should be the html_notes property of the project.

Awesome! Thanks got it working in the end! Trying to create a new line is breaking the code though - can’t see it mentioned in the allowed commands so maybe that’s why! Any idea how to make a new line within the HTML?

Update! Found my own answer!

“\n” will create a
and “\n\n” a new paragraph.

I just tested it and that worked, which will allow me to accomplish what is needed.

Thanks again.


@James_Light - just for future reference (you may already have found this), you can use this resource to determine which HTML tags are supported

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