Rich text integration and new behaviour (API)


Hi everyone,

Considering the previous link and article, someone could expect that after December 17th 2018, the new behavior based on XML will become permanent.
But is seems that is not, because we are still able to use the old API for asana integration including JSON parsing etc. So i have 2 questions actually:

  1. Is the new approach in place or is it just optional? And if it is optional when will it become permanent eventually (hence preventing the old api ?) ?
  2. How do i enable the new behaviour in my requests? Is there any change?
  3. Is it possible to test requests and responses out of the box (out of an application) by using for example a sandbox environment in order to get familiarized? Something like sending sample requests, getting sample responses etc.?

  1. I am pretty sure it is in place. My best guess is that you are using the HTTP header to keep the “old” behavior. More info there
  2. Remove the HTTP header :sweat_smile:
  3. In the API documentation, there is an Explorer tab to let you play around with the API.

@Joe_Trollo @Jeff_Schneider @Matt_Bramlage can someone confirm? Thanks!


Hi @vangelis1: Yes, the new format is permanently enabled now. We did not change the structure of API responses, which continue to be JSON—we only changed the structure of the html_notes/html_text fields within the response, which are now XML strings. You do not need to do anything to get this new format.

We do not have sandbox environments with data for developers to test with, but you can use the API explorer as @Bastien_Siebman mentioned to experiment with requests and responses on your own Asana data without having to create your own app.


HI Joe,

Your answer was very helpful since it answers the question about json vs xml … so they both exist in the same response with the html_notes/text having just an xml syntax. That’s fine.

Thanks !


Hi Bastien,

The explorer looks quite helpful indeed for my purpose. Thanks also for the online resource that you mentioned !