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I notice that from time to time, the structure or text of some responses have changed, even when I request the same version on my navigator, a month ago, the response looked different. For instance, the resource subtype of a finished task was “completed this task”, but now is "“marked_complete”. I also noticed that the event structure changed, so some functionalities stopped working given this situation.
Is there a way that I can use a consistent structure within a version?

thanks in advance.

Hi @carolina, we have not introduced any backwards-incompatible changes in our API that we’re aware of. The resource_subtype field on stories did not exist a month ago—we only began working on it after our post on the forum. We often add new fields to objects in the API, which should not break any functionality.

Can you describe the differences you’ve seen in more detail?

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Hi Joe,

Thanks on the clarification, you’re right it is a new field.
But my specific case is that I am confused between the info that I get from requesting the API and the event info I get on the webhooks. But reading the documentation, I just realized the difference.

thank you Joe for clarifying!

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Yes, webhooks and events unfortunately have different structures in the API right now, but we’re going to be making them more similar as part of the string ID migration:

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