Asana events giving resource id as null

Hi Team,

In earlier, When there was any changes in task then webhook was giving me task id and name through events but from 28.08.2019 webhook is giving me task id as null .

Is there any changes in structure of webhook? I am using jar version as 0.5.2

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Hi @Kuldeep_Poonia,

Yes, there has been a change; see:

That change was announced many months ago and has been slowly rolled out, and on August 27th was made live for good; see:

Hi @Phil_Seeman,

Thanks for your fast reply. Currently I am using your asana version 0.5.2 for webhooks and trying to downloading your new version 0.9.0 from yesterday. But I am unable to download. I didn’t find any other link expect Is this jar be solved my problem? If no, then please guide me and if yes then please share any link from where I could download the jar.

Hi @Kuldeep_Poonia,

I don’t work for Asana, I’m an independent developer. I work in C# so unfortunately am not familiar with the Java client.

@Joe_Trollo @Matt_Bramlage @Ross_Grambo can you help?


Thanks @Phil_Seeman!

Hey @Kuldeep_Poonia,

The newest java library is It will contain gid, which you should use in place of id!

Let me know if you run into any issues!