Request: Project Priority


I’d love to be able to set a project priority “weight”, with the most urgent projects (with open tasks) appearing at the top of a new “my tasks” view.

This would allow for more granular sorting control without having to work with individual tasks.


This is a great idea! Maybe you could try setting a color convention for your projects (using highlight colors) to visually represent the weight or importance of projects that you could easily visualize in My Tasks? Do you think that could work?


That’s helpful, thanks! The sorting / priority thing is nice because as projects have no tasks open in them, the order would automatically be updated. With colors, we’d have to update colors each time the priority changes.

Quick question - when I update the order of projects in the left hand bar, is this just for my own view or does this update for all team members?

If it were for all team members, then this would be a great solution.

Maybe one of the sort option for “my tasks” could be a specific person’s project order. Which I could then set as default for all team members.


Hi @Matt_Healy,

I am with you on this one. It really plays into the whole “high-level” discussion here:

and here:

And the sorting discussion we are having here:


Thanks Peter, I enjoyed reading the threads on those - I was actually going to post a similar request about having a high level overview of all tasks.

Most of the features I’m looking for involve improving the options in the My Tasks view:

Ability to sort by project, by a specific member’s project order
Ability to collapse the by project view so it’s more compact
Ability to see all tasks, not just my own (this would give me a global overview)

For this last one, maybe “My Tasks” could be renamed “Tasks”, and you could toggle between your own or all. New sort options could be by member, or specific member’s project order.


@Kaitie - is there currently a way to see all open tasks (for all users)?