Reports on iOS Mobile Device


I used to be able to see the list of custom reports on my mobile app but can no longer. Is that a setting I can change back?


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Hey @Marie, why was this closed and merged with an Android thread? I’m an iOS user and would like my saved team reports on mobile It is mission critical to have access to reports such as Pending Approval. Should I start a new feature request for this one? The title seems on point to what I would like, and I would hope many others too. Let me know when you have a moment. Thank you! :slight_smile:



My mistake @TYL3R, thanks for bringing it up. I have just re-opened this thread.

Save reports are still available in our iOS app, you will find them at the bottom of the “Project” tab; and no worries at all, we don’t have any plan to remove them :slight_smile:


Hey @Marie, I see the problem I was having. It is more UI and UX related. On the app, saved searches appear with :star: icon before them (at the top of your Projects view). On the main site the only time an item has a :star: in front of it, is when the user selects to favorite something for easy access; little strange UX wise to me. But it is there, I just I will have to remember my fav projects are grouped within the saved searches all indicated by the :star: icon. :unicorn: