Ability to sort saved reports on mobile

Is it possible to view Reports I have created on the mobile iphone app? If not, any suggestions and/or is this a feature being added soon?

Hi, yes it is possible to see report on the mobile iphone app. You have to go to projects view, there you can find recent reports (favorites column). If you need specific one, you have to mark it as favorites

Hi, thanks for the quick response. Not sure how to mark a Report as a Favorite. I don’t see any menu choices for that. All of my reports show up together under Reports on the web app.
Also, now that I see the actual report on my iphone, is there a way to have it displayed the same way as on the web - ie sorted by Project, and/or at least show the project name it is part of in the list itself? Otherwise its just a long list of unrelated and not easily identified tasks. Thanks!

My mistake, reports are marked favorites by default. Unfortunately I don’t see option for sort by assagnee or project (as on web) to. Probably it is something to improve for Asana.

Hi @Charlie_Pilch and @DavidWS! Karol is correct, you can find all your reports under the Project tab, however, we don’t have the ability to sort search results via the mobile app.

I have moved your topic to the Product Feedback section, so please feel free to vote as a feature request! Also, I’ve changed the title of your topic a bit so that other users looking for the same information can easily find this thread. I hope you don’t mind.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

It would be great to be able to sort saved searches for due dates and assignee.