Reporting workload within a date range

Management wants to see a staff members forecasted/backlog workload for a specified future date range (e.g., Q2, FY2023).

Portfolio workload tab can display incomplete tasks within a date range but does not include tasks from other project portfolios. Projects can be included in multiple portfolios to view all assigned tasks but management would need to identify all projects assigned to a staff member (not necessarily a direct report).

A custom report can filter tasks by creation date, start date, or due date within a given range to shown workload (task hours) but not tasks continuing through that range. Yes, that is a long time period but a report may requested for a shorter interval (for example, two weeks instead of one quarter).

Is there a method to report all incomplete tasks across all projects in an organization for one or more staff members, filtered by a date range without regard to creation, completion, or due date?

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Hi, @Gerald_Garcia Thank you for the question.
One option I could think about is to create a dashboard to show all upcoming incomplete tasks by assignees. You can change the due date range with 4 options (Within the last, Within the next, Between, On).

If you want to select specific people as an assignee, you can use the assignee’s filter :slight_smile: Hope this helps.

No, that doesn’t work as I explained in my problem statement.

Hi @Gerald_Garcia

If I understood correctly, you want to see the total amount of work assigned to a person within a date range, regardless of whether the start or due dates are within that date range. If an add-on is an option, I suggest looking at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful, that has a chart for that:

In this example, the chart is grouped by Week and the bar segment is Assignee. The chart shows how much work is allocated per week for each assignee. The leftmost bar is the current week. The bars to the right are the future weeks. You can learn more about this chart from this blog post.