Report view complete task problem

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I have a report that lists all my tasks (the only report condition is me as the assignee) It is sorted by the due date. When I mark a task complete from this view, the task is marked as complete successfully, but Asana shows “It seems you don’t have access to this view” message. I need to click on some other project or report and come back to my report again. This started to happen a few days ago.

Steps to reproduce: Create a report and complete a task from this report view.

Browser version: Google Chrome Version 86.0.4240.80 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Jale_Ipekoglu, thanks for reaching out! Let’s try to solve this together!

I tried to reproduce this issue but I don’t receive that message when I complete a task from the Advanced Search report. Can you please try following these steps and let me know if the issue persists?

  • Try from a incognito window
  • Clear your browser’s history/cache/cookies

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Emily,

I followed the steps and didn’t face the issue but I don’t receive the message even from a non incognito browser now. I suppose there is one other parameter which causes this. I will try to observe what I do more carefully next time I receive the message.


Hi Emily,

It’s my bad, this happens when I delete a task from the report view. It also happens in an incognito window.


I see @Jale_Ipekoglu! If you delete a task and then try to access it again from the same view, you will receive that message. You can find and recover the deleted tasks from the Deleted items view in your sidebar.

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Hi Emily,

Thanks for the guidance. In fact, I don’t try to recover my deleted tasks and I can work around this by switching to another project or view and come back to my view again.

The reason why I opened this ticket is to only let you know of this bug since it started to happen a few days ago. So you think of it as a feedback.


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