Reorder Custom Fields in a Project

I’m managing hundreds of projects within a Team. Each project contains the same custom fields; however, they are not in the correct order. I haven’t been able to find a PUT request that will allow me to do this. Can the PUT /projects/{project gid} request include a reordered GET /projects/{project gid}/custom_field_settings response?

It would be helpful to have this feature (also reordering projects!!) Thanks!


Hi @Robert_Burbank,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to control the order of custom fields. That’s not an API thing but an aspect of the underlying Asana model. You can read a little more about custom field ordering and how it works here:


Is this still the case? I’m working on an API tool for copying sections and this is mind-boggling to me that you can’t set or change the order of custom fields.

Nothing’s changed that I’m aware of, sorry.

I dont understand. There NEEDS to be a way to say "These 150 Projects should have all the same fields, in all the same order and saved as “Custom Fields Template 1”. And these 50 other projects are “Custom Fields Template 2”

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