Customize the order of all fields in a task

We currently can only customize the order of custom fields, which are placed higher in a task. I’d like the option to reorder all fields, even the standard asana fields. For example, I’d like for Description to be placed HIGHER, above the custom fields so the user sees it right away…then they will fully understand the associated custom fields.


HI @Laurie_Kerns you cannot reorder them inside the task but you can reorder the column view of the custom fields including date and assignee (not task name that has to come first) by clicking and dragging

I have had this exact same need so many times.
Many of our projects are iterative and grow over many months/years, and we have to add custom fields later. It would be SO helpful if we could re-order the fields in the task so they matched the order we’ve selected in the column view.


You can do this already. Click Customize then hover a field to show the drag handles, then drag the field up or down to change its position in the task detail pane to match what you have in the list view (which itself can be independently configured with Hide menu where the fields also have drag handles on hover).




OMG - this is amazing - thank you so much Larry - you made my day!

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