Reminder bot from Asana's website

This was listed on Asana’s website as an example integration:

I’m looking for exactly this, but know nothing about using the API to create it myself. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get from A to B here? Thanks in advance.

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Hey @Chris_Pulsifer, thanks for reaching out. Do you (or anyone else on your team) have any coding experience? If so, we can help guide you through the process of building an automated script. If not, you will likely need to hire someone to build it for you. Asana has client services if you want to hire us to build it. Alternatively, you could hire any developer that’s familiar with APIs to build a bot for you. Best of luck!

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Hi Jeff,
I would love to discuss building a Reminder Bot for our company and need some guidance. Is this something client services can help me with? If so, how do I reach out and get started?

Hey @bonjourGabi,

Thanks for your interest in building a reminder bot. There are 3 general approaches to getting something like this built:

  1. Someone from your team builds it. Asana developer advocates, as well as the wider community, can help answer questions if your team gets blocked using the API.

  2. Hire developers to build it. We can recommend some if you don’t have a company you’ve worked with before.

  3. Hire Asana client services to build the script.

I’ll reach out to you directly via email to discuss the options.


Hi Jeff

I’m a dev looking at this for a client, but I haven’t used your API before.

Do you have any code examples of a task reminder bot? If not, let me know if I’m understanding the approach. I want to send an email reminder one week after a due date if a task is not completed.

I am thinking:
-webhook when task is created into script (or poll?)
-code to set + 1 week etc
-check back in +1 week to see if the task if done. If yes, no action, if no, send email
-rinse and repeat


Ditto. Does someone have an example of a reminder bot to share? I’ve found this GitHub - danelige/asana-reminders: Automated Asana reminders for the soul. but it’s not operational