Reinstate Status Summary notes in new Portfolio view

Adding my strong opinion that this needs to be reversed! Totally agree with others - the whole point of the portfolio view is being able to see the status updates at a glance. This is incredibly frustrating.

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Also - the new summary view no longer has the easy option to remove a project from the portfolio, now you need to click the arrow, go into the project preview, then click the 3 dots, then remove. Since there’s no easy way to move projects within portfolios, that’s a lot of clicks to remove!

PLEASE bring back the old portfolio view or make it an option (like how you used to be able to see condensed or expanded)!!!

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If this cant be fixed, it is extremely necessary the glitches are fixed. You cannot review multiple programs one after another without being jumped to the top of your portfolio view. This causes an extremely unprofessional look when review project status’ with clients. This is absolutely critical and should be fixed ASAP.

Opening that summary pane means clicking on the project (just not the project name), then doing it again once you want to go to another summary, which is now harder to do because the detail pane collapsed the project name column to mostly just the text of the project name. You can’t click up or down between the two with something like arrow keys which makes this bad decision even worse.

I believe this view is a step backward in both user experience and accessibility. When lines are more compact it becomes harder to track a row of information across from left to right. I’ve never needed reading glasses but this portfolio view is making me go blurry eyed.

I’m fine with the concept of Software as a Service, but that Service needs to meet the needs of your customers, not the whims of your employees.


Will says it very well. This is definitely a step backwards for user experience and accessibility. I am disappointed that with an incredible tool like Asana, that such things like this got completely overlooked and unchecked before launch. Please consider doing a better job evaluating user experience before launching big updates in the future!

This is also a friendly reminder to please VOTE! At the very top of this form you should see a purple vote button. The more people vote on this thread the more Asana will see how many of us find this change disruptive and needing fixed. VOTE VOTE VOTE! (Thank you.)


Please restore this feature. I am surprised that you would just remove something as vital as a summary. Having to open the side panel just to read the status is not acceptable. I get wanting to stay current and do a redesign but they should be improvements. I think this channel has demonstrated this especially considering the short time since you have done the update.


Please restore this feature. This is one of my executive oversight views, where they can get the summary at a quick glance. This was one of the selling points of going with Asana and it’s removal is disruptive. I’ve already voted. PLEASE VOTE.

Please restore the status feature. This new update has slowed down our review meetings, quick satus reviews etc.
Please revert this back. Thanks you

@Emily_Roman - is there any update here? This is causing a lot of client friction and we need this view back!!! Or, PLEASE fix the bugs to allow us to open the right pane for multiple programs without it jumping around the portfolio. We have hundreds of projects in development portfolios we view with clients and one time and this is a very very poor experience.

Yes, please restore Portfolios. Several of our folks desperately need the option to get the Portfolio view back. Thank you for considering. We appreciate you!

Yes, please restore Portfolios.


Following up to find out if there has been any movement on these requests?

This is becoming a huge issue with our team regularly reviewing a list of 100+ projects and having to go click on every single one to view the status.
This makes it much more difficult, far from easy, to update data in our portfolios.

Also, when clicking on every project status, while reviewing the 100+ programs, it will jump back to the top of the list after every status. This causes huge confusion and delays in our status calls with the client.
This also makes us look very unprofessional when our PM tool is glitching and not working correctly.

We need to have these issues fixed ASAP.

Please advise on when your team will be providing an update/fix to these current issues.

Hi everyone!

I appreciate your frustration with missing the status updates headings in the new portfolio layout so I want to let you know that I’ve posted the below workaround which I hope you will find useful, until/if Asana provide a better solution.

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

no, no, no…I don’t know what’s happening currently in the software business, nearly all updates, be it this one here or with streaming apps or whatever makes the user experience worse, I have no idea how such things could be shipped and nobody veto-ing on that. My management as well is relying on the project overview WITH the status summary…I cannot believe why and who decides to remove this from a portfolio overview list… And…I’m not only an upset user, but as well working in the software business (who hopefully think/act in the sense of users really using the product, leaving things in that are established, work and are loved :slight_smile: (but guess Asana decider him-/herself thought it’s a good idea to remove this…whyever))

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Asana - this new Status Summary in Portfolio View is not acceptable.

The reason we decided to even use Portfolio view is due to the ease of determining what needs to be updated. Granted its only the beginning of the sentance, but that text is what we use to determine if the project even needs updating at all.

This new way causes us to spend twice if not more time with each project.

At the very least give us users the ability to choose the old way or the new way. Sadly, the workaround is too weak as it doesn’t take into account the previous 6 months of work that has been logged in each status.

Again - this is NOT acceptable.

Hi everyone, we’ve been closely listening to your feedback following the recent Portfolio grid refresh, and I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you! :tada:

We’re introducing a brand-new feature that lets you easily toggle the Status Preview on or off for projects within your Portfolios. This handy new column will provide you with a quick summary of project status updates, allowing you to gain insights at a glance. For more details, see the screenshot below:

We are gradually rolling out this update and will be available to all Business, legacy Enterprise and Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise+ customers soon!


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