Refund for the annual subscription for premium plan.

After working with Asana Premium plan with our team for 20 days, we’ve found out that our team could not use it regularly, and won’t be able to use it based on our circumstances.
We decided to subscribe annual version since we thought that we could get a refund according to the attached English version of resale terms (Subscription Information (c)), and according to Korean version of resale terms #11.
Is there any way that we could get the partial refund for the remaining period for the annual subscription according to Korean version of terms?

FYI, Here’s the translation of the Korean resale terms in English

#11 (Refund Policy)
① In the event that a “user” cancels the use of the service in the middle, when “ASANA” decides to refund in accordance with the contract between “ASANA”, the service provider, and “Reseller”, a domestic distribution partner, and “ASANA”’s refund procedure, You can receive a refund for the remaining period of the paid usage fee.
② Due to the nature of the overseas solution, the refund amount is based on the 1st of the month of the base date calculated on a daily basis.
USD currency notified on the IBK website (
Among the general public exchange rates, the exchange rate “at the time of remittance” is applied.
③ “Reseller” receives remittance from “ASANA” for the purpose of refund of usage fee
Refunds are made to the “user” within 30 days of the date of receipt of remittance.
④ If a “user” requests a change to a lower rate plan or reduction of users, the request must be made in writing.
In accordance with the policy of “Asana”, a service provider, it is reflected in the next contract period, not the current contract period.

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Sorry to hear that you feel you would not be using Asana a lot, because I believe it is a very helpful tool to set up workflows, manage projects, etc. no matter what industry you are in.

For any billing related questions regarding your account you will have to reach out to support directly: How to contact our Support Team ✉ and

@Andrea_Mayer I just discovered that I was being billed for but never using the account for the last 5 months. Is it possible to get refunded for the time unused? It was supposed to be cancelled. Hopefully you can log in and see that nobody was using the account. I tried to email support but it bounced back. Thank you.

And when I went to chat all I could do was talk to a bot who was unable to answer my questions.

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Unfortunately I won’t be able to assist in your case. I am a forum leader but do not work for Asana directly so you will have to reach out to Asana support. Please follow the steps listed there to open a support ticket and they will get back to you or you can also email them at from your email address that is used in Asana for your plan.

Note @Andrea_Mayer and @k_raftery: The support email no longer works.

Contact support directly with these steps.



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Thank you both. @lpb @Andrea_Mayer I did try to contact support that way but it was simply a bot who was unable to help me answer my questions. And my email was bounced back when I emailed it. So now what? My question just goes unanswered and I can’t get in touch with an Asana human directly? I’ve worked in Customer Service and I have to say this is really disapointing. Any other suggestions? Thanks, K

The link in my previous post will eventually get you an email from a person.



ok thank you much appreciate.

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