Recurring tasks show as "Recently Assigned" in My Tasks

Agreed and for a start “recently assigned” is badly chosen because a task is always created but not necessarily assigned. A sure sign the whole “New my task” project has been poorly thought and released in a hurry.

I thought the new rules feature sounded great until I started using it and it broke my whole method of working.

Why would anyone think this was a good idea? All my recurring tasks keep appearing in the ‘recently assigned’ section.

I have just deleted all the rules I set up, but I am now wondering if the old way off working, where tasks would move up automatically, will no longer work?

Has this feature been removed? Will my tasks auto populate into the correct sections on the “my tasks” view?

This is just awful.


I do actually use the “recently assigned” section. I regularly email tasks to myself using my phone when I need to add something super quickly, and so they don’t have a date attached to them. I then process them when I’m next on my desktop. All the new items I emailed to myself are there ready to be moved and categorised properly.

having said that, I hat the way the new rules system works because it chucks all my reoccurring tasks in with my new tasks. It’s awful, but I thought it might be worth mentioning why some people might still need the “recently assigned” section.

Hope this is helpful.

Yes the recently assigned section can be useful, it was simply named “New” or “Recently created”

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I have created a workflow that includes it since… well, you can’t remove it. But yeah, with how recurring tasks behave, it feels counterproductive to the workflow I’m trying to create. I’m now looking into having Zapier create recurring tasks on a weekly basis, I’ve used time-based triggers on Zapier before so I don’t think it’ll be very difficult, but that doesn’t feel like it should be necessary.

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As a user with many recurring tasks, I want to hide tasks where the start date has not passed so that tasks which I cannot act upon do not clutter up my task list.

I use recurring tasks to keep track of things I have to do regularly and I set start dates on those to indicate when I can begin doing them (for instance, I can’t possibly do tomorrow’s Daily Review task today). As the UI is currently, all those tasks still appear in my task list and I have to keep sweeping them out of the way.

It would be great if Asana allowed me to hide those tasks until their start date.

Agreed totally.

Hi @Barrett_Smith

Assuming that you are in your My Tasks view and you also have the New Tasks view. With the new My Tasks view it broke the functionality to have these tasks automatically moved to the Later Section.

However Asana have advised that they are working on a fix for this and they hope to have it ready very soon.

@Rebecca_McGrath - Can you merge this feedback…



Hi @Barrett_Smith, thanks for reaching out! As Jason mentioned, our team is working on a solution for this issue and we hope to have news soon. We will post any updates in this product feedback thread: Recurring tasks show as "Recently Assigned" in My Tasks so I’ve gone ahead and merge this post.

Before on the “My Tasks” page, recurring tasks would be in the “Upcoming” group until they were due today then they would be automatically moved to “Today” so that I could see what all I needed to today.

Now nothing moves in the groups without rules. I’ve set up rules to replicate what was helpful to me but when a task is completed and the rule activates, it always just moves the recurring task to “Recently assigned”.

I’ve read in the forums that the rules only apply to tasks created after creating the rules. I would prefer to not have to remake all of the tasks. So is there a way to avoid the rules altogether and use the previous settings where things upcoming were put into upcoming and things due today automatically moved to today?

There is no way to move back to how things were. You need to rely on rules, and for the initial setup you need to move everything into the right section to start with.

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I have two rules in place right now that I would think would make the My Tasks page work like before.

These two rules are:

Due date is approaching (task is due today) → Move task to certain section (Today)

Due date is approaching (2 weeks before) → Move task to a certain section (Upcoming)

All of the tasks I have on the My Tasks page are recurring tasks. To test these rules, I moved a task that is due today to the “Today” section and then completed this task. When this task “recurred” it moved it to “Recently Assigned” instead of “Upcoming” even though this task is due again in less than two weeks.

I have also tested this with the rule:

Task marked complete → Move task to a certain section (Upcoming)

But the recurring task still moves to recently assigned instead of Upcoming.

Are there any other rules I need to create that will move things due today to “Today” and things due in the next couple of weeks to “Upcoming” like before?

Hi @dhurst

Yes with the new My Tasks view recurring tasks don’t automatically go to Later as they did previously.

Asana have committed to fixing this very soon…



Hi @dhurst, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We are working on a solution to this issue and we will share an update in the main feedback thread. I’ve gone ahead and merge your post with Recurring tasks show as "Recently Assigned" in My Tasks to consolidate feedback!

Thank you, Emily, but I don’t see how this is a replacement for what I requested. Even when recurring tasks shift automatically to Later, that just changes the which section of my task list is cluttered up by tasks I can’t work yet because the start date hasn’t arrived.

Hey @Emily_Roman, is there an ETA for this fix?

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Asana Support told me to do the following:

As a workaround to this, can you please do the following:

  1. Click your profile circle at the top right of Asana

  2. Select My Profile Settings

  3. Navigate to the Hacks tab

  4. Enable Recurring Tasks in Later

Please note that this is a temporary feature in Asana and you can leave feedback about it, e.g. “this feature should stay forever” through the link next to the toggle.

However, this is not working. Tasks are still being sent to New. Has this “work around” feature now been switched off?


Same here. Turning that on did nothing for me.

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I think it’s sort of weird that this is a thread with voting if it’s been promised. Is there any kind of ETA on when that will be? A quarter, by the end of the year, next year?
I appreciated the updates Asana gave on rolling out the massive update and would appreciate something similar here in anyway if possible!
Thank you!


Just did another test to see if it had been rectified, but no luck.